Hope Detector

This year, America learned about the power of hope with a car commercial that didn't feature a single car.


Perhaps one of the most impressive Acts of Hyundai is one they've been quietly performing for the last 20 years. A portion of every new vehicle sold has gone towards the fight against childhood cancer.
So while millions of Hyundai owners have contributed toward life-saving research, almost none of them knew it. That is, until we told them on the biggest stage in America - Super Bowl 52.


To identify these heroes, we turned metal detectors into Hyundai Hope Detectors.

During a VIP experience before the big game, unsuspecting Hyundai owners passed through our special checkpoints where they were singled out and separated from the crowd. Ushered into another room, their confusion and anxiety turned into relief and then pride as they watched a specially recorded message from the very people they had unknowingly helped. They saw a thank you video from children who had survived their battles with cancer, thanks to the kind of research Hyundai had funded.

And as many of them wiped away the tears of joy, they were surprised yet again when one of those survivors walked into the room to thank them face-to-face.

The Results

The Internet responded with accolades from fans, veterans, the industry community and the press.

26+ million Video VIEWS

243% increase in Hyundai.com hand raisers

Top 10 Ad Meter


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