Hyundai focuses on bringing back quality family time.


Every family struggles to find quality time in their busy schedules. Add in the abundance of digital distractions, and most families only spend an average of two hours a week together. But when families get out somewhere together, they get that quality time back and reconnect.


As the second act for the "Year of the SUV," Innocean crafted an integrated campaign launching their all-new Santa Fe that focuses on a family spending quality time together.

On top of creating awareness that Hyundai offers quality SUVs, creative also highlighted industry-first (and life-saving) safety features like "Safe Exit Assist," and the capabilities of the all-new Santa Fe thanks to the advanced HTRAC AWD.

The Results

Hyundai Retail Sales Objectives:

Surpassed Sept and October monthly sales objectives
Also exceeded sales goals for both months for ALL SUVs

Ace Metrix scores (T1 TV)

Non lux auto average = 560, and only 12% of non-lux auto ads score above 610
"Dad Look" scored 629
"Not Flying" scored 625
Ranked 3rd overall in 2018 for Relevance (of 275+ ads in non-lux category)
"Journey" scored 560

Influencer Amplification: ​

1.51MM total views - YouTube & IG stories (51% above goal)​
52,198 engagements (6.5% above goal)
XXX Impressions

Disney Branded Content Series:

Social Impressions:
11MM Delivered​
Media Impressions:
25.8MM Delivered
Video Views:
1.4MM Delivered (on Facebook + IG)

Organic Social Content ​

55.6K Social Mentions (+34% higher than fab five average)
YouTube Avg % Viewed (+76% above average)​
People viewed a higher percent of Santa Fe videos on Facebook (+418% above platform average)​
Twitter content had a +6.78% higher Engagement Rate, and a +3.27% higher VCR, compared to platform avg


Extremely strong engagement: OR of 19.19% and CTOR of 57.67% (over 7x industry average and one of the highest CTOR rates of any HMA CRM campaign)

McDonald's Partnership​

1 BILLION pieces of promotional packaging were distributed during the October retail window creating awareness, excitement and engagement for the game​
Billions of media impressions throughout the month of October (at least 491MM impressions)
Over 675 million customers were served (with the Santa Fe on the tray liner) in 14,000+ McDonald's locations
Social CTR of 2.1% (+600% compared to 2018 avg)​
1.2K social post link clicks (highest in October 2018)​

Endemics - Share of Shops​

Santa Fe has 6.6% segment share on KBB, which is an increase of 3% year-over-year​
Model Consideration for Santa Fe doubled year-to-date on Edmunds, increased from 0.60% to 1.18%.
Share of Shops on Edmunds also increased as a percent of segment from 5.3% to 9.7% year-to-date

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